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Shanxi Qibiou Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd




Shanxi Qibiou Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd


Company Briefing

Founded in April 2004, it is a multinational industrial and trading company mainly engaged in producing coir mattress filler. Through years of development, we have had two factories in Sulawesi of Indonesia, which mainly produce coconut shred and coconut tree branny later transported to China. Our mattress filler features venting and moisture-proof, bacteria-free, refreshing and durable quality, as well as moderate hardness and natural fragrance. Besides, it has the quality of making no noise after sitting or sleeping on and being cool in summer and warm in winter. Coconut tree branny, growing in the natural environment, can promote the development of plant roots and improve soil conditions. In addition, we also offer coconut oil, coconut shell and coconut active charcoal.


Animal husbandry and fishery, Furniture and household

Export products

Coir mattress

Import products

1. coir  2. coconut tree branny 3. coconut oil 4. coconut active charcoal

Business Interests

We need to import coconut fibre, coconut oil, cocos substrate and coconut shell, Chaff